IPA Girl Lino Print
Ciel Bleu Double IPA
While working at Positivity Branding in Amsterdam, I had the fortune to work on several projects for Brouwerij't IJ. Ciel Bleu Double IPA is the second limited edition beer I designed the label for. 
Developed together with the chefs of two-star restaurant Ciel Bleu, it contains a selection of Asian citrus fruit such as Buddha's Hand, a strange-looking but excellent-tasting fruit. 
It was this newly-discovered ingredient to me that really inspired the design.
Being able to experiment with embossing and foil also helped me convey the premium feel to a beer created with a more formal social context in mind than usual.
More info on the beer on  the Brouwerij't IJ website .
(left: label artwork pre-foil and embossing treatment)
American Barley Wine
The very first project I worked on whileat Positivity Branding was the label design for one of their upcoming special edition beers, a full-bodied American Barley Wine. 
The concept was based on rust, whichI decided to represent in a subtle way through colour and structure.
More info on the beer on the Brouwerij't IJ website.
(left: label artwork)
Galaxy Summer IPA
The Galaxy Summer IPA is a label I worked on in collaboration with Gavin Arm, Positivity Branding’s creative director.
The final design the client chose was created by Gavin while I selected the new colour scheme for the label.
More info on the beer on the Brouwerij't IJ website.
(left: label artwork)
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