Pinella Productions is a new production company based in Italy. 
The name Pinella comes from the Italian card game of Burraco, where the Pinella is every 2 in the deck. It can be played both as a 2 itself and as a Joker, being able to replace any missing cards.
The brandmark combines a variety of elements, such as the P for Pinella, the 2, and a red and a black suit, all enclosed within a card shape and resembling the intricate design on the back of a traditional playing card.
The wordmark, on the other hand, is more about simplicity. The custom made font hints at vintage, Italian film typefaces with a modern edge, and with a simple and yet playful approach on the two L, stacked in order to hint at two playing cards overlapping.
The brandmark and wordmark combined make for a good balance of new and old, modern and traditional, innovative and experienced, reflecting the company's character.
Website coming soon.
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