Van Autisme Bekeken, or VAB, is a team of experts in the field of autism and inclusive society. 
“Everyone is different and it is time that our society is organised and prepared accordingly. Connecting to someone's life, listening and organising real change. We are working on that.”
I felt honoured to work on the VAB identity while working at Positivity Branding, and to have my design selected by the client. I also had a leading role in the research and strategy stages of the brand development. 
One of the key challenges of this project was the existing symbolism and current language utilised around autism, often represented with rather childish or misleading elements such as puzzle pieces. During the initial research stage, it clearly - and understandably - emerged that many people on the spectrum, in particular adults, do not wish to be viewed as 'puzzling', and that they don't want for autism to be represented and associated with sadness or confusion. 
While it can certainly come with its challenges, autism can also give people a unique point of view on the world. Any kind of neurodiversity, being on the spectrum in this case, is a great addition to social groups and companies alike, even though there is still often discrimination involved.

For this reason, I wanted to create a logo and a custom typeface that was the combination of different fonts, or 'personalities', forming new shapes and colours when coming together. A way to celebrate diversity, rather than repress it.
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